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Free Palm Pilot Software

Free Palm Pilot Software for Clinical Dietitians


Great Free Programs


CardioMath for Palm OSFree cardiology calculator with over 50 commonly used calculations.

DiagnosaurusFree differential diagnosis program for your pda provided by McGraw-Hill.


Epocrates MedToolsEpocrates offers this free download with ability to choose which components are installed.


Epocrates RxExcellent free drug database that is updated frequently when you HotSync.


ICU Math—Free ICU calculator with TPN.


Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Guide--The name says it all.

Medical Abbreviations by Krystof—over 2000 medical abbreviations


MedCalc—One of the best free medical calculators for Palm OS that I have come across. This product is frequently updated and used widely by many physicians.


MediCalc—A great free medical calculator that can be downloaded to your palm or used directly on your pc.


Medical MnemonicsFree download of medical mnemonics for palm.


MedMathAnother very popular and widely used medical calculator.


Obesity Guideline and Management ToolFree download from the Obesity Education Initiative.


SageCalc--Burn Care Calculator


STAT Growth-BP—Free growth chart software.



Websites With More Free Programs


Doctor’s Gadgets—A bunch of free medical palm applications covering a variety of subjects. Not all are free, so be sure to do a search.

EctopicBrain--Many medical programs that are mostly free.


EurocoolAwesome website with many free downloads. The link is to the medical section, but check out the others for more.


FreewarePalm—Over 90 free medical calculators and a variety of different downloads.


The Gadgeteer—Great website with many palm resources. Scroll down to the utilities section to find new additions.

Handheld Recommendations--Links to medical pda programs by Dalhousie University.


HealthyPalmPilotMany health-related palm downloads and most are free.

Informatics Review--Handheld computing resources on the internet.


MDTool.com—A few palm downloads.

Medical Pocket PC--Search by price for the free programs.


The Medical Piloteer WebringA ring of medical palm pilot sites that individuals in the group recommend. Great website!


Memoware—Free documents, databases, articles, etc. to download to your palm. Multiple topics including food and nutrition, medical, and many more.

Pediatrics on Hand--A great resource with downloads and links to other sites.

TucowsMany free programs to download. Includes downloads for palm, pocket pc, and other platforms.  


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