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All articles below are free to use on your website or to distribute; however, the author's name(s) and copyright information must remain in place. These are some of my first articles that I wrote for my college newspaper, so they may not have the greatest flow. I plan on updating some of them, so check back often. If you use these articles, please send the LINK to your website and I might give you some free promotion.

Don't Become A Victim of Online Fraud
--By Chris Theberge

Nutrition and Fitness

Preventing common diseases: Part 1 - osteoporosis
--By Christopher Theberge and Joseph Cannon

Read this now to lose weight now: Energy intake vs. energy expenditure
--By Christopher Theberge and Joseph Cannon

An Explanation of the "Freshman 15"
--By Christopher Theberge and Joseph Cannon

AHA recommendations for college students' health
--By Christopher Theberge

Penis Enlargement Devices: Do They Work?
--By Christopher Theberge

Children are Becoming Obese at an Alarming Rate
--By Christopher Theberge

Vegetarians may be at risk for developing heart disease
--By Christopher Theberge

Websites Promoting Pro-Anorexia Lifestyle Dangerous
--By Christopher Theberge

Buyer Beware: Supplements May Equal Danger
--By Christopher Theberge

Shocking Yourself into Shape
--By Joseph Cannon

Diet and Nutrition for the Hard Working Woman
--By Christopher Theberge

Holiday Eating Strategies: 12 Tips to Tell Your Clients
--By Christopher Theberge

Organ Series: Skin
--By Christopher Theberge

Turning An Ordinary Steak Into A Masterpiece
--By Christopher Theberge




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